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Foxit Cloud Reader prevented Foxit from launching and grinding my computer to a halt.

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  • cherry
    Hi ShadowDragon8685,

    Thanks for the post and share your discovery. Normally Foxit Cloud component should not cause high CPU usage or a halt to your computer. I've forwarded your comments to Reader QA team in our internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 56899. You may write to [email protected] or post here with this ID# to track the processing status of it. Thank you.

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  • Foxit Cloud Reader prevented Foxit from launching and grinding my computer to a halt.

    TL;DR: If you want Foxit to work and it isn't, or just want it to work better, go to Add or Remove Programs, and remove Foxit Cloud. Only Foxit Cloud, leave Reader alone, but nuke that Cloud. Nuke it like it's talking trash about your momma and claiming to have slept with your brother.

    I had a computer crash recently caused by a power surge, though I don't know how relevant or not relevant it is to what brings me here:

    After I recovered, and brought my computer back online, I tried to use a PDF document, but my computer ground to an absolute halt. I got it killed, restarted, tried to view a PDF again, and my computer ground to a halt again. I managed to kill the Foxit task, uninstall my (older) version of Foxit, and open a PDF in Acrobat.

    It opened right up, no muss, no fuss, no problems except for the fact that it was Acrobat. What I had feared had been my RAM taking a bath was, in fact, a software issue with Foxit. So I installed the new version of Foxit and tried to open a PDF.

    It ground my computer to an absolute halt and wouldn't open the PDF. I uninstalled Foxit, went through the registry ctrl-F and deleting any keys I found with "foxit" in them that I didn't feel terribly unsafe deleting, and installed it again. Same result.

    At this point I was about ready to chalk this up to Thor having taken issue with my use of Foxit Reader and placing a power-surge-based curse on my computer to force me to use the evil Acrobat Reader, but when I Googled the problem, I found the following thread:

    I am using foxit reader Version on windows 8.1 and Windows 7. When I open multiple documents the CPU usage jumps to 60/70 and sometime 100%. it

    Pursuant to richell_huang's poorly-written but excellent advice to arunk, I uninstalled the Foxit Cloud component from my Add or Remove Programs list, and I trepidatiously attempted to open a PDF document, with Foxit still installed.

    It opened right up, no muss, no fuss.

    Therefore, I can only conclude that the Foxit Cloud component was responsible for this outrage, and I have to ask: what in the flip-flying flapjacks?!

    I didn't knowingly agree to any Cloud nonsense when I installed Foxit, and I didn't see any options to omit it from the installation, either. It's nothing but pure bloat, a "feature" of dubious utility that I didn't ask for, didn't need, and which actively rendered the main product unusable, in addition to destabilizing my system so badly that I had to power cycle it at least once. Why is this even a component of Foxit Reader?

    I already have a perfectly good document storage solution. It was purveyed to me by Western Digital when I built my computer, and it's been rock-solid for four years now. I have a backup solution to that, if need be, it's called Dropbox. And I have a backup to that backup, it's a Super Writemaster DVD-RW drive. So I fail to see why this unnecessary component which actively prevented Foxit from working, was installed.