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Printing Duplex with 2 pages per side gives problem

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  • Printing Duplex with 2 pages per side gives problem

    I need to refer to a multi-page manual and need to make a hard copy. It is saved on my computer as a Foxit pdf document.
    To economise on paper, I chose to print two pages per side and print in duplex. I am having problems.

    No matter whehter, using the printer's vertical or horizontal orientation or vertical or horizontal page order the problem occurs.
    Page 2 prints to the left of page i and on the reverse page 4 before page 3. Pages 3 & 4 are also upside down.

    FYI the printer is a Canon MP540 in which to print in duplex one removes the one side printed paper and places it the secondary rear tray.

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, please? I have never had a problem with standard duplex printing.

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    Hi 360823,

    May I have a screesnhot of the Print dialog? Please set "Pages per sheet" 2x1 and set the "Orientation" of the printer to Landscape and give it a try. Thank you.