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Impossible to scroll when "select texte" is On.

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  • Feature Impossible to scroll when "select texte" is On.

    Good evening

    Everywhere in the Universe when your mouse reach a side of a screen windows, the window automatically scroll.
    When I need to select differents parts of a text in a windows ( for one complete windows I can use Split and Merge butnot to select lines in one page) and if a part of the text is out of the border, always out using 800x600, Tool Select Text ON, impossible to scroll over the visible screen.
    Up or down.
    Using the mouse impossible. Using the side lift impossible. Using keyboard impossible.
    In fact impossible to scroll "selecting" the text out of the VISIBLE window.

    How to do that ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Actually, it will scroll from the bottom up, for example you want to select text from page 1 to page 2, you can select text of page 2 first then scroll it from the bottom up to select the text of page 1.Anyway i will report it as feedback to our related team to improve it in future so users can select texts of multiple pages easier.


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      In fact it is possible to select and save several parts of a text using special Microsoft cliptray. Special free notebook.
      You select a part of a pdf text, you copy it automatically into the cliptray.
      You unselect the text, then you can scroll, you select what you want and you copy in the cliptray again.
      In that special notebook, a new selected part does not delete the previous part but add the next. This notebook, you know that, allow to add a lot of differents selections without deleting the previous ones.
      But it could be better to do that inside Foxit. Exactly same in Word or others softs.

      Thanks a lot.