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file Format Error: Not a Pdf or corrupted

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  • file Format Error: Not a Pdf or corrupted

    I really prefer Foxit over other pdf-readers, so I thought I'll post my problem here before switching to another program.

    When I go to (im from austria) in my browser, which is Firefox Aurora, on every single amazon-page a window with the error message from the title pops up...three times. After clicking OK three times, I can browse the page as usual. this only happens on amazon.

    This is really annoying. What has that to do with Foxit and pdfs? Its Its amazon

    Please help me, thank you.

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    Hi Vutaikt,

    Foxit Reader won't affect the rendering of amazon web page in Firefox. Is it possible to make a screen shot of the error message you got so we could know the issue better? Thank you.