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feature request: keyboard hotkey selection for color

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  • feature request: keyboard hotkey selection for color

    Dear Foxit Reader developers,

    I am using Foxit Reader extensively as a student to read my electronic textbooks. Foxit Reader has been the most important application I've used as a student. When I read my textbooks, I like to highlight and add text notes in different colors. Can you please add the capability to easily change between a user-specified set of colors for highlighting and adding text notes by using keyboard shortcuts?

    For example, my default highlight color is yellow. I use a different color, such as neon green or cyan, to highlight important details. Currently, changing the highlight color each time requires 4 mouse-clicks. Similarly, I like to alternate between various colors when adding text to the margins. It would be great if I could switch between colors using keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-key corresponding to a specific color. Alternatively, Foxit Reader can allow me to cycle to between a palette of 5 highlight colors using something like Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+].

    I seldomly use the theme colors because they are too dull and don't stand out enough.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    P.S. I have noticed that the font in the search box and the page navigation box gets changed during my Foxit Reader sessions. It goes from being a nice thin font to "MS San Serif Bold" for some reason.

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    Hi eavli,

    I've forwarded your comments to Reader PM team for further processing. Suggestion ID#: READER-2049. Currently you may change the color by going udner "Comment format" tab when highlight tool been activated.

    Regarding the font in search box and page navigation box get changed, could you please make a screenshot of it so we could know it intuitively? Thank you.


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      I'd like to bring up this topic again. As an academic, I highlight and annotate PDFs a lot. No PDF tool is great on this front, though foxit's automatic pop-up field once a text is selected/marked makes foxit reader stand out. (Because this pop-up menu/field has more options than the pop-up menu/field in Adobe Acrobat. Especially if you also consider the menu that pops up when you right-click on a selected/marked text.)
      Shortcuts for highlighting text in different colors and for underline, curled up, maybe even some zig-zag underlining would be amazing and would make foxit reader the uncontested best choice for highlighting and annotating PDFs, I think.
      (If these shortcuts could involve customized colors, that would also be amazing.)
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        Sorry that it is not available yet. We have already forwarded it to our PM team for future evaluation, hope it will be considered in future soon.