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How to disable Typewriter and Note tools in Foxit Enterprise reader 6x

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  • How to disable Typewriter and Note tools in Foxit Enterprise reader 6x

    Hi there,
    We have a few users of the Foxit Enterprise Reader 605_0618 but we recently failed a data security audit on the basis that secured users could use a PDF file opened with Foxit to type customer details on using the Typewriter or Notes tools. As such my Compliance team are calling for these options to be disabled so they can't be used by secured staff to capture sensitive information in an insecure way.

    How can I disable the Typewriter and Note tools in a way that staff members can't re-enable them easily. I can't see any obvious registry key that controls these options and I can't remove them via the MSI file options. Is there a group policy template I can use to do this or a reg key value that would do the trick? If so, where can I get the templates or info about these methods?

    We're on a Server 2012 domain and tend to lock things down via group policy if possible, by deploying reg keys if not. Staff are locked down so they can't do things like edit their C:\ drive, edit their registries or install/uninstall software on their PCs.

    Sorry to be a pain. Thanks very much for your help.

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    Hi dl_wraith,

    The tools under "Comments" menu could be disabled via GPO deployment. Please write to [email protected] to get the GPO templates for Foxit Enterprise Reader 6.0.5. Thank you.