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PDF opening automatically after download.

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  • PDF opening automatically after download.

    Hi All.

    This issue must be a setting that I am missing. I am using Win 7 and IE 11 with Foxit Reader 6.2.2 as my pdf reader of choice and the only one installed.

    I have set it in such a way that the pdf does not open in my browser, but now when I select a pdf to download IE 11 downloads automatically to the selected folder upon completion of download Foxit Reader automatically launches and opens the pdf.

    Should Foxit Reader not be installed then IE Download banner appears asking if I want to Save or Open the file.

    It is this that I am hoping to achieve which in the end allows me to navigate to the file at a later date to open it.

    This must be a setting somewhere in the reader that I am not seen.

    Any advise on what I could do to achieve this would be helpful.

    Thank you

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    My apologies I left out some the settings already looked at.

    Under File Associations, Advanced, "Include Browser when setting default PDF Viewer" is unticked.

    Under Documents. "In web browser display PDF in Read Mode by default" is unticked.


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      Hi Dave,

      Please untick the "Include Browser when setting default PDF Viewer" then click on “Make Default PDF Viewer” again to see if this change helps.

      If it makes no difference, please open your IE->go under "Tools"->"Internet Options"->"Programs"->"Manage add-ons"->to check if you have other PDF add-ons listed there except Foxit Reader. Thank you.


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        Thank you for the reply. I have followed what you had mentioned unfortunately though it has brought the desired result. I have also checked my Addons and Foxit Reader is not installed as an addon, it is also the only pdf reader installed on the computer.

        I am aware that previous versions allowed you to choose whether you wanted to save or open the pdf file after download is complete, however it appears this setting might now be removed.

        Is there maybe a registry edit that someone might be aware of.

        With thanks


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          Hi Dave,

          Two steps:
          1) Untick the "Include Browser when setting default PDF Viewer";
          2) Click on "Make Default PDF Viewer".

          In version 6.x, these two options are bundled together to take effects. Once you make change to "Include Browser when setting default PDF Viewer", you need to click on "Make Default PDF Viewer" as well. Please try again.