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I'm done with Foxit software

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  • I'm done with Foxit software

    Every time I update Foxit Reader it installs Foxit Cloud on my computer WITHOUT ASKING ME. That is horrible practice. I am done with Foxit software forever and I will not recommend it to anyone. I cannot stand it when a company thinks it can install things without your permission.

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    By the way, the amount of crap left over in the registry and on my hard drive from Foxit after uninstalling is ridiculous.


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      Hi Krusty545,

      1) Currently there's no option offered to disable Foxit Cloud during the installation, but we've already added it to our to-do list. I've also forwarded your comments as feedback to Reader PM team for processing. Feedback ID#: SERVER-402. For your current workaround, please go to "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall Foxit Cloud Reading.

      2) For current 6.x versions, Reader does leave registry in your computer after un-installation. This is meant to save your customized settings in Foxit Reader in case you need it for re-installation. Since Reader 7.0, after the un-installation, Reader will ask you if you want to delete the registry, then you could make the choice according to your requirements.