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How to close "note" from keyboard?

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  • How to close "note" from keyboard?

    Foxit Reader is a convenient PDF reader. I always use it as PDF viewer and make note on it.

    It is handy that we can customize the key-combinations to invoke a command, e.g. add note.

    However, I could not find a way to close the "note" after adding it. And it usually blocks the text.

    May I know whether there is a way to do it? Thank you.

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    Hi modeller,

    To customize key-combinations to invoke "add note", you may right-click on the blank area of the toolbar to open "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"->click on "Keyboard" tab->"Comment"->choose "Note"->then assign shortcut for Note tool.

    To close the "add note" mode, you may click on Hand tool or press "Alt+3" to switch to Hand tool mode.


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      Hi Cherry moderator. The procedure you describe does not answer the question about how to assign a keyboard shortcut to close a note after adding it. When I upgraded to Phantom from the free version I was surprised to see that it is not possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to this function, which was possible in the free version.

      Please tell someone to fix this.


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        Hi DobleA,

        In my opinion, we click press Alt+3 to invoke hand tool then we exit the "add note" mode. But it seemed that I misunderstand what you meant. By "assign a keyboard shortcut to close a note after adding it", did you mean closing the Note window and just have the icon appeared?

        You also mentioned in the free version you used before, you could assign a keyboard shortcut, could you please let me know which version and which action/tool did you choose to assign the shortcut for? Thank you in advance.