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cant install addons JPEG2000/ JBIG Decoder

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  • cant install addons JPEG2000/ JBIG Decoder

    hello im newbie here, I've looked through the FAQs and searched around for answers to this. I'm surprised it isn't a topic.
    This happens on all computers I've tried it on. I've installed Foxiit reader. Now I want to add the JPEG2000/ JBIG Decoder. Using the Install Update feature, I attempt to run the installation pointing to the .fzip file. It comes back with an error "windows cannot find ..\..\.. fxdecod1.dll.exe" It's looking in the Temp directory the Add-on installation creates. No amount of searching finds that file, and this same behavior occurs with other Add-ons looking for their respective *.dll.exe file.

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    Hi kplusonline,

    The JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder has been embedded to Foxit Reader installation. So you don't need to install the Decoder add-on additionally.