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PDF form filled in using typewriter, sometimes recipient's version is blank

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  • PDF form filled in using typewriter, sometimes recipient's version is blank

    We use a form to send to customers to verify orders placed with our business, requiring a signed version be returned to us as policy. The form is an old pdf with blank lines-may have been created in Word. We fill in the blanks using the typewriter tool. I understand this is sort of like pasting a text image over top of the pdf, if I understand correctly. Every so often our customer will get a form from us where the information we've added with the typewriter tool is not viewable on their form. If we check the sent version, the added text is present. We haven't been able to determine what type of program the customers with issues use as they happen so infrequently and are usually single transaction customers. Is this a known issue with a fix? I didn't see any previous questions in the forum that described the same issue.

    I did see a post where a user asked about making a form un-editable and the instruction was to use Foxit Reader Printer. I'm wondering if that would be a fix for our issue, but since I can't replicate the problem, I can't test it myself. If that were the fix, would that mean my customer wouldn't be able to sign electronically with whatever pdf program they use to open my file? I don't imagine many of my customers do this, I think they mostly print, sign and then scan/photo and return to me. But I don't want to eliminate the option to sign electronically if there is another way.

    My thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Hi melissaa1a,

    The PDF form filled in using typewriter should not be opened blank by the recipient. If there is customer reporting this, I would encourage you to get the version info of the viewer he/she used and the OS info and forward it to us for further investigation.

    To prevent this, you may use Foxit Reader Printer to re-print the document. Recipients still can sign the document and print the document.