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Pressure sensitive ink not working?

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  • Pressure sensitive ink not working?

    I was excited to upgrade from 6.2 to 7 upon seeing that 7 added 'pressure sensitive ink', and I am using a Surface Pro. However, after the upgrade there is no change in the pen annotations' behavior. I checked the settings, and the Tablet section has its checkbox enabled.

    Is the Surface Pro a supported device for this? I know the SP1 and SP2 use a Wacom digitizer which I believe may have separate driver API... Does foxit only support cruder capacitive touch screens (which I have the impression use a more universal driver/API)?

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    Hi Gertlex,
    To use pressure-sensitive input with Foxit Reader, users must install Wacom drivers from here: if they have not already.
    Pressure-sensitive input is available only with the Comment > Pencil tool.
    Pressure-sensitive input will only work with a device that supports it, using its included touch pen. Some examples are the Microsoft Surface Pro, Wacom Cintiq, Dell Venue Pro, some Sony VAIOs, and some HP Touchsmarts. Generally these will be tablet or tablet-like devices with included styluses. If users have installed the above driver and pressure-sensitive input is not working, it is likely their devices does not support it.