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right margin border: is it a bug or..?

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  • right margin border: is it a bug or..?

    hi everyone, i'd like to know how to remove the right border in foxit reader. it is present in 2 of my 3 home pc so i think it's a bug? all of ny pc use windows 8.1pro.

    what to do? thank you

    here it is a screenshot:

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    Hi ozeta86,

    Thanks for your post. I've reported this issue to Reader QA and Dev team for further analysis. Report ID#: 60147. You may write to [email protected] with this ID# to tracking processing status.

    One more thing: Please help provide the version info of your Foxit Reader and the display resolution of your OS. Thank you.


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      I can confirm this is still an issue with the latest version 7.06.1126. Resolution: 1366x768

      One way to fix it is to go fullscreen then back to normal. If you have more than one tab, do a Ctrl-Tab while in fullscreen through all the tabs then back. That works until you close Reader.
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        Hi Jeff14 and all,

        This "right margin border" issue hasn't been fixed yet. We plan to fix it in next release (E.g version 7.1), but it has not yet been determined. I've added Jeff14's comment to Reader team for processing. Report ID#60147. Thank you.


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          Hi Guys,

          The mentioned right margin border problem has been fixed in current internal version. Which means, the next release-Foxit Reader 7.1 will no longer have this problem. Thank you.


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            I completely forgot this thread and i didnt got the notifications. thank you anyway for the assistance