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  • trouble in new version

    Unless it's just me recent version has some trouble viewing documents like this one, though it did become viewable eventually.

    I'd like to thank foxit for what I consider to be a lighter/sleeker alternative to acrobat. After I switch out of the bloody mertro. Now, if they programmed in, or if anyone otherwise cares to drop me a program to simpify a pdf or if foxit wants to program in a method to otherwise lower the apparent memory usage of some PDF's to make them more viewable, that'd be great. I've 8 gigabytes, but the example document above uses 500MB and the pages move slowly.

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    Hi jacksonh,

    I got "The webpage is not available" when I try to download the document from the provided link. Would you mind sending the PDF document to [email protected] as an attachment? Please also make a screenshot that shows the memory usage and let us know your OS type. Thank you.