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Unable to save attachments in a portfolio

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  • Bug Unable to save attachments in a portfolio

    I installed the latest ( version of Reader. In previous versions (i.e. 6.x) I would open a pdf portfolio and then go to View -> Portfolio -> Cover sheet. At this point, if I opened the navigation panel, the was an icon for attachments. I could open that panel and from there open the individual files within the portfolio. Critically, when I saved the attachment I could subsequently save the portfolio. For some crazy reason, the other 2 portfolio views will not let you save the portfolio (the newest version of Reader even tells you this when you open an attachment).

    Anyway, in the newest version, there is no longer an attachment icon in the navigation panel. If I go to View -> Navigation Panels -> ... the icon is there but grayed out and thus inaccessible. Because of this, it is no longer possible to edit files in a portfolio and then save the portfolio

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    Hi tominbalt,

    Could you please help provide the PDF portfolio in question and a screenshot of the problem to [email protected] so we could take a closer look at it and better advise? Thank you.