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PDF contents going blank after some arbitrary time.

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  • PDF contents going blank after some arbitrary time.

    I have encountered a strange behaviour that I'm trying to pin down.

    For any random pdf file of large size(>50 pages), we encounter an issue where after some arbitrary page number, the file contents go blank.

    For instance, we have a 127 page pdf(specific example); when we open that pd file, we can see all the pages. We then highlight, annotate, or note against that pd file. Then after some time, say 20 minutes, all pages after page 18 are blank, and we lose all notes/edits. We cannot save that file. Re-opening the file brings up he start point(as noted, we can't save the file). We have noticed this against a terminal server(Server 2012), and the files are local.

    The behaviour seems random, but limited to large pdf file, as noted. We have added more memory to the system, but to no avail. If anyone has some experience with this, I would appreciate any insight.

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    Hi Shaton,

    Which version of Foxit Reader are you having? May I get a copy of the before-edit and after-edit PDF document for comparison? By "we cannot save that file", did you mean the "Save" button is grayed out or was there any error that prevented you from saving the document? Was the file located in TS2012 and opened from TS2012?


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      Apologies on the delay, I was sent on a work trip. We are using Foxit I am working on finding you a document for comparison. We have regulatory requirements that limit the documents I can share.

      I can answer the save portion, yes, once the pdf file 'loses' pages, the save button is greyed out, and we cannot choose save from the file menu. For reference, we are using the Ribbon Mode toolbar.


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        Hi Shatan,

        Is it possible to update your Foxit Reader to the most current version 7.0.5 then see if the issue persists? If the problem persists, please send us the PDF document before and after-edit for testing and also includes your operation to replicate the issue. Thank you again.


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          We have purchased and upgraded to FoxIt PhantomPDF Business 7 and the issue still persists. You request a PDF, how do I send it to you? It is too large to attach to this post. Also how do we open a support case in regards to this?


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            Hi Shatan,

            Please email to [email protected]. You may upload the PDF document to your dropbox then send us the download link. Please also let us know if the PDF files located in Terminal server and instructions about how to replicate the issue.