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Ctrl + Left no longer moves cursor to beginning of word

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  • Bug Ctrl + Left no longer moves cursor to beginning of word

    Dear Foxit,

    In 5.14 I used to be able to move to the beginning of a word (relatively to current cursor position in text-section mode) by pressing ctrl + left and to the end of a word by pressing ctrl + right
    I'm dismayed to discover that I'm no longer able to do this in 5.3.
    I do a lot of text highlighting and use an Autohotkey script to quickly highlight a arbitrary segment of a text between two words. The script crucially relies on the ctrl + left / ctrl +right functionality to allow me not to have to precisely click on word boundaries. It's a huge time-saver.
    I dearly wish Foxit could consider restoring the ctrl + left / ctrl +right, seeing as it is provided by Acrobat, PDF X-change and so on.
    Thank you very much in advance,


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    Hi Yu,

    Thanks for your feedback. I've forwarded your comments to Reader team so the mentioned function could be added back to future versions. Report ID#:
    36200. You can write to [email protected] with the Report ID# to track the problem with us.


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      Hi Yu,

      Good news. I just got the update from Reader engineer that this problem has been fixed in internal version 5.3.1. You may keep an eye out for that. Thank you.


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        Wow - this is incredibly helpful. Thanks Cherry!