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  • open local file NOT in browser

    Hello to all,

    I had problems to open links with blanks in the file name with Adobe Reader, so i desided to install Foxit Reader (Vers 6.1.5....).
    I create these PDFs out of MS Excel (2007) using "save as PDF...".
    When I click on the link to open the local file IE opens :-(...

    Here is a sample of the link:
    file://C:\Users\kschwarzl\Desktop\Spezifikationen\PSB\AZE 23319_OCB Schnipp Schnapp 200.pdf

    Is there any chance to open a local file (or local network file) out of Foxit?
    Any help would be really great.

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    Hi Heinz,

    This is a absolute link that requires the receivers got a file named "AZE 23319_OCB Schnipp Schnapp 200.pdf" located under "C:\Users\kschwarzl\Desktop\Spezifikationen\PS B". I would encourage you to create a relative link that the receivers could open the document fine when they got both documents, no matter where the linked documents located.
    To create the relative link, you may open the two PDF documents, then go under "Home"->"Link"->drag a rectangle around the text you want->"Go to a page view" then browse the target PDF, then click on "Set this position".

    Please let us know if it helps.