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    I hate the built-in PDF viewer in Google Chrome. Save the PDF and then opening in Foxit is a pain. I searched Chrome Extensions site for "Foxit" and found nothing. I searched these forums for "Chrome Extension" with 0 results. Hope I'm not SOL on opening PDF links in Chrome via Foxit.

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    Hi consultant,
    Please try to un-associate and re-associate the "Display PDF in Browser" as following and see if it helps:
    1) Please open Foxit Reader, then go under "File"->"Preferences"->"File Associations"->"Advanced", uncheck "Include browser when setting default PDF viewer" then click on "OK".
    2) Under "File Associations", please click on "Restore File Associations";
    3) Again, please go under "File"->"Preferences"->"File Associations"->"Advanced", check "Include browser when setting default PDF viewer"->"OK" then click on "Make Default PDF Viewer" as default PDF Reader.

    If the PDF document still be opened using the built-in PDF viewer in Google Chrome, please type in: chrome://plugins/ in Google address bar, then disable the built-in PDF viewer. Thank you.