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  • Printing 11x17

    I'm having issues printing documents to 11x17 paper. The original document is 11x17, but when I enter the print dialogue the Preview on the left shows that the Document is 11x17 but the paper is 8.5x11. If I go to PROPERTIES and change the paper to 11x17, the Preview still shows the paper size as 8.5x11 and the document prints to 11x17 but the information doesn't take up the whole page (i.e. the printed area is still the size of an 8.5x11 piece of paper with gigantic margins on all size). Adobe allows me to change the Page Setup in the Print Dialogue box to get around this but I don't know how to do this in Foxit. 90% of the documents I print are 11x17 so I need to know how to work around this issue or I can't use this software. Please help.

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    Hi jenlwhiteside,

    Please check "Choose paper source by PDF page size" in the "Print" dialog and see if it helps. Thank you.