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Suggestion - remember the size of the page-selection pull-up

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  • Suggestion - remember the size of the page-selection pull-up

    On the status bar, the page-number selection "drop up" can be expanded and it shows 6 page numbers. A person can then drag the selection pane upwards to show many more page numbers. I suggest that the program remembers the last size that the page selection "drop up" was dragged to.

    Here's the problem...when you have a document with 100 pages or more, it's very difficult to select a page by scrolling through the page numbers when only 6 pages are showing. That's because the pages scroll so quickly. Making the selection pane adjustable is very helpful...thank you. I can expand the selection pane and it is now easy to select a page number (very helpful when working from the index of a manual.) So the problem is that every time I open a PDF, the selection pane starts at its default size of 6 page numbers. It would be great if Reader would remember the last resizing of the page-number selection pane.

    Even better, the default should start out at half the screen height. Afterwards, remember any changes as a percentage of the screen height. So if a user adjust the size of the selection pane to be 3/4 the height of the window, "3/4" is what's remembered. That works with any resizing of the main Reader window.

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    Thanks for your feedback, which has been forwarded to our PM team for their references, report id:J663
    Hope they will consider it and improve it in future.