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Format Error: Not a Pdf or corrupted

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    I had this problem for a while now but enough is enough. I think this started to happen when I upgraded to

    Going to rollback to previous version and see if problem persist.

    Like the old saying goes, "If it ain't broken don't fix it".


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      Hi guys,

      This 'Fromat error: Not a PDF or corrupted' problem has been fixed in the internal version and it should not appear in next release version 5.3.1. Please keep an eye out for that.

      For current solution, you can write to [email protected] to obtain the latest npFoxitReaderPlugin.dll then replace it with the old one that located in the installation folder of Foxit Reaer. (By default it is: 'C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\plugins')


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        1) Version info of your Foxit Reader;


        2) Can the problem be replicated on both Yahoo Mail and;

        Having problems at various pages at

        3) Please open Firefox, go to 'Firefox' menu->Add-ons->Plugins to check if you have Foxit Reader for Mozilla Plugin there. If yes, please send us the version number;

        Running Mozilla Seamonkey 2.10 (which is the same code base as Firefox 13). Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:13.0) Gecko/20120604 Firefox/13.0 SeaMonkey/2.10

        Foxit plugin is installed, version

        4) Your OS info. (E.g. Windows Vista, 32-bit)

        Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit

        Based on other commentary in this thread, it looks like Foxit build 423 and Gecko/20120604 don't like each other.


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          I have already solved this problem. It seems to be a programming error caused by Foxit. The reason was that there were more entries than one registered as applications which Firefox uses to open a PDF document. So Firefox cannot decide which plugin it should use to open the PDF file.

          Start the normal Foxit application and navigate to the settings (Preferences -> File Association). Make sure that the checkbox in "Default PDF as Browser" is not checked. Then navigate to the application settings of Firefox and delete all entries except "FoxitReader.Document".

          This solution was only tested in Firefox, so I cannot promise that it is the same solution for other browsers, too.


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            I have already solved this problem in my way. As I use Firefox browser the First Step of solution was found here . Now when this plugin is removed the Second Step is to download it again from here . I chose Firefox Plugin which is applicable for Foxit Reader 5.0. It seems Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla updated on 19 April 2012 caused this problem.

            If you have the same problem using another browser I could advise to find npFoxitReaderPlugin.dll file, rename it, for example to XnpFoxitReaderPlugin.dll, and do Second Step described above.
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              Richell and Cherry,
              Does Foxit Read version 5.3 use the system proxy for network access ?
              When I click on " Help .. " " Check for Updates Now ... " the dialog ( Checking for updates ... " ) stops with an error and says --
              Unable to connect to the network.

              All of my other applications can get to the internet ... they use the IE proxy settings, or they know how to load a .pac proxy script. But not Foxit Reader ? Thanks; Larry


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                Utterly maddening, this problem.

                I'm putting links to Amazon ebook pages in Word docs, and when anyone clicks on them, if they are using Foxit, they run into this same "Format Error: Not a Pdf or corrupted" window - which has to be clicked 5 bloody times before it will go away.

                I'm taking the quickest, easiest way out for myself: Much as I enjoy and appreciate Foxit, I'm switching my default reader back to Adobe Acrobat till Foxit finally gets around to correcting this. (It's now been going for about two months, if I have my dates right.)


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                  A new version ( is out. The plugin is v2.2.1.530.

                  The problem seems to be fixed.
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                    I've upgraded to and the problem is the same; plugin version for firefox is (same as before?! the 5.3.1-update didn't change it?); firefox is 13.0.1-en

                    OK, uninstall again, reinstall again and the firefox-plugin took new version; the error-messages are gone;
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                      One thing that could have prevented the plugin from updating is if Firefox happened to be running.
                      I downgraded from the flaky version to the previous one. The problem went away.
                      I upgarded to the latest version and the plugin was updated. I did not have FF running


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                        Hi Larry,

                        Sorry for the delay. Did you use any proxy software? Can you describe your proxy configuration? What about your OS info? (E.g. Windows Vista, 32-bit) I'll then check this with Reader Dev team and feedback to you.


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                          No ... no proxy software. Just the PAC ( Automatic Configuration Script option ) in Windows Internet Options.
                          The OS is Windows Xp Pro ( 32bit ... x86 )

                          ( And we don't use the " Automatically detect settings " options in Explorer since that causes a lot of internet client connections to fail. )


                          Originally posted by cherry

                          Hi Larry,

                          Sorry for the delay. Did you use any proxy software? Can you describe your proxy configuration? What about your OS info? (E.g. Windows Vista, 32-bit) I'll then check this with Reader Dev team and feedback to you.


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                            Update : Deinstalled Foxit Reader ( version 5.3.0.x ) and installed the current version
                            Still it does the same thing " Unable to connect to the network. " for a version update query.
                            It can't use the system proxy settings. Larry


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                              Hi Larry,

                              Thanks for the info. I've forwarded the mentioned the proxy update problem to our internal bug tracking system for Reader team's further investigation. Report ID#: 37132. You can write to [email protected] to trak the problem. Any further info is needed, we'll also get in contact with you.


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                                I'm not sure that the internet proxy issue is only a problem for auto-config proxies.
                                I tried changing to explicit proxy server address and port ( turned off the auto-configure script ) and it still doesn't work. Larry