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Is Safe Reading mode really safe?

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  • Is Safe Reading mode really safe?

    In the application documentation it says that in safe mode you can't access the web by clicking a link without allowing it. However, you can click the ad link and be sent to the foxit website without any issues. Is this really safe? Could someone hijack that link to look at my PDF. Even if I never click on the ad?

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    bumping this up. Does anybody know?


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      Hi Shades9323,

      The link shouldn't be hijacked. If you are with Enterprise, I would encourage you to fill out the form at the link below to get a .msi setup package to install.
      Enterprise Foxit PDF Reader is developed on the basis of non-enterprise Foxit PDF Reader , but it extends the usability and performance Enterprise Foxit PDF Reader provides advanced tools equipped with proactive security features, and is fully featured with solutions such as RMS Protection, GPO Control, XML Control, and other PDF viewing needs of enterprises and governments.