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PDF is not displaying quotes correctly

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  • cherry
    Hi Ken,

    Could you please provide following info for further investigating?
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader; (It can be found by going to 'Help'->'About Foxit Reader...')
    2) A copy of the mentioned PDF document;
    3) A screenshot of the problem;
    4) Your Computer info:

    Please run it>click GetInfo>choose Save> send the saved TXT file to us.

    If it's inconvenient to upload the info here, please send it to [email protected]. Thank you.

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  • Ken Cooper
    started a topic Bug PDF is not displaying quotes correctly

    PDF is not displaying quotes correctly


    I am receiving pdfs through Outlook 2007, and am assured that they are perfect when they are sent. When I open them, regardless of whether it is straight from Outlook or saved to file first, any occurrences of " or ' are displayed incorrectly, leaving me with a problem. The documents have to be signed when they are printed out, and printing the pdf out has the same effect.

    " is displayed as 1) at the start of quotes ,, and 2) at the end as %o
    ' is displayed as E with an umlaut above it

    I think its a problem with the font, but I don't know which one is used by the system.

    Please help.