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  • How to OPEN files?

    This should seem real obvious, but an easy to use standard menu seems to be missing from Foxit. I tried the Open option, and could not find anywhere where I could type a folder name, or file name. Not like you find in just about any other program. Is the ability to easily open files entirely missing from Foxit, or is it very well hidden?

    I've tried several times, and can't find a way to just open files, inside the Open function in "Foxit Viewer". The closest I found was the option to open recently-opened files, which doesn't help if the software blocks me from opening them in the first place.

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    Hi degree6,

    There are two toolbar modes in Foxit Reader 7.0, Classic Toolbar Mode and Ribbon Toolbar Mode.
    1) In Ribbon Mode (I guess you're opening PDF Reader in this mode), you may go under "File"->"Open"->"Computer" then click "Browse" to choose file to open;
    2) In Classic Toolbar mode, you may go under "File"->"Open" then select file to open.
    (To switch from Ribbon Mode to Classic Toolbar Mode, you may go under "File"->"Change Toolbar Mode" then make the change.)

    BTW, I normally double-click on PDF document icon or open Foxit Reader first then drag the PDF file into the program to open it.