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I need to customize the "Standard Colors" or "Color Themes" for highlighting

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  • Feature I need to customize the "Standard Colors" or "Color Themes" for highlighting


    I really need to highlight texts with special colors, non of which are available in "Standard Colors" or "Theme Colors" of "Line Color" pane (under COMMENT FORMAT tab). So I should always click on:
    2. Line Color icon
    3. More Colors... section
    4. Select from available combinations or go to
    5. Custom tab
    to change my highlighter color every single time! it is really frustrating! I can't replace those default colors with my own favorites.

    I really do appreciate the Foxit developers' work if they include such option which I think they simply missed rather than being unable to put it in the software.
    And if Foxit wants to make it perfect, just let us put our own favorite color selections in "Quick Access" toolbar.

    I'd be glad to hear any workaround from you until the time of complete development update.

    Thanks in advance

    Foxit version: 6.2.2 (coming back again from v. 7.0.3 due to additional highlight issues which are expressed elsewhere)
    Windows 8.1 64x

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    Hi Kalan,

    After you've changed the highlight color per your needs, you could right-click on the highlight then click "Set Current Properties as Default".

    To add the color change icons to Quick Launch Bar, you may right-click on the blank area of the toolbar, then click "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"->under "Choose commands" section, please choose "Comment Format"->then Add "Line Color"->"OK". After this, you could highlight the text, choose the highlight then click on "Line Color" appeared at the Quick Access Toolbar to change color.


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      Thank you cherry,

      I attached a screenshot of the software. I chose a phosphorus bright green from custom color pane as it is not available by default. Then, highlighted a word, right click and
      Set Current Properties as Default, just like you said. For the test, I chose an orange color from "Standard Color" pane and highlighted an other word. But unfortunately as you can see in the image my custom green color won't show up in the "Theme" or "Standard Color" panes. As I said I should define and chose that green color again and every single time, which is embarrassing.

      I know that this is a feature missing from the base of software and I hope to see it improved soon.

      Click image for larger version

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        The other thing that you may misunderstood is that, as you can see in the screenshot from previous post, I already have the "Line Color" icon in my quick access bar. But what I meant was ability to put boxes for each of my favorite colors in the quick access bar; so that, you can spare one click to choose your favorite colors. In fact this is another feature which might improve the experience and fluency of Foxit usage. That is like the toolbar you can see in "Windows Journal" software but with those color boxes option to be put on quick access bar; I've attached an image below.
        Click image for larger version

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          Hi Kalan,

          Sorry for the delay. I've forwarded your comments to Reader PM team so we could consider to add the features in future versions. (Suggestion ID#: READER-2122) Two suggestion: Show customized highlight colors in "Theme"/"Standard Color" panes + Show favorite colors in Quick Access toolbar.

          For your current workaround, I would encourage you to highlight some text with the special colors you want, when you need to use one color, right-click on it to "Set Current Properties as Default", then highlight the text, when you need another color, right-click on highlight with another color then choose "Set Current Properties as Default" and highlight with a different color. Hope it helps.

          Sorry again for the delay. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.