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FoxIt reader 7.0 "print to PDF" problems?

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  • FoxIt reader 7.0 "print to PDF" problems?

    Are any other Foxit PDF reader users having problems with the "new" 7.0 version/ update?

    My company standardized on FoxIt reader a while back and we've had no problems with it up to and through v 6.2x.

    Since updating to V7, many (but curiously not all) of my users (mostly W8) have not been able to print PDF files with it. The software either locks up, the PDF file output is garbage.

    If you are still on V 6.2 or earlier, I'd hold off on updating.

    Anyone else seeing this too?

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    Hi Ashlee,

    Please go under "File"->"Print"->uncheck "Print as Image" in print dialog and see if this setting makes any difference.

    If it doesn't help, please send us following info:
    1) The PDF file in question for testing;
    2) A screenshot/image of the output;
    3) Your printer info;
    4) Your OS type. (E.g. Win7, 32-bit or 64-bit)

    Thank you.


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      OK, I have been having a problem where most times I 'print' to a PDF, the new document gets appended to an existing document. The new document gets saved as whatever/wherever I designate BUT, includes a couple of weeks' worth of documents. Last attempt resulted in an 18MB 51-page document when all I was doing trying to print was a 1-page recipe.

      I may have discovered the problem but, this is day 1. Might be a conflict with PDF995. I will experiment.