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Howto Open multiple files from Explorer ?

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  • Resolved Howto Open multiple files from Explorer ?

    Hi Forum
    I've been using Foxit 5.4.3 for a long while. (Still like the old version because its small and fast. Also fewer visual distractions.)
    I prefer to use windows explorer and select (highlight) a goup of PDF files, then click at Open with Foxit.
    On one computer, this correctly opens all the files in a single window, neatly tabbed. Perfect.
    On another computer, only 1 file opens in Foxit. No tabs. No multiple documents.
    I've tried changing Edit, Preferences, Documents, Allow Multiple Instances (unticked), BUT this seems to have no effect on this issue.
    TIA's for any tips or clues to get this working correctly.

    EDIT. It seems a windoze restart is needed hto fix this "feature". D'oh.
    Billy Gates taught a generation what to do if anything goes wrong. Ctrl-Alt-Del.
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    Hi Bluegroper,

    I guess it may have something to do with the multiple processes of Foxit Reader running at the same time. Please go to "Control Panel"->"Program and Features" to check if you have Foxit Cloud Reading installed. If you do, please uninstall it and see if it helps.


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      Thanks for suggestion.
      How to edit this post and include the word [SOLVED] in the heading ? Please could a Super Moderator do that ?
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        Thanks bluegroper,

        I've marked it solved.