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  • Printing layout question

    I would appreciate any help with this question. I have a pdf file which is an electrical schematic and would like to enlarge and print an area close to the center. What happens when I enlarge eg. 300% is the corner of the document stays at the top left corner and enlarges from there and the area which I would like to print is nearly off the page. I have a picture program that when you click on "Print" enables you to enlarge and drag around the picture/document to the center. If this is not available is there a method to convert the pdf page or file to eg. jpg or another format that my picture program will recognize? Many thanks.

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    Hello Estam, to convert the PDF file to .jpg, you shall use Foxit PhantomPDF. You can find the converting option "export to images" under the File menu in the PhantomPDF. For more info about PhantomPDF, please visit here: