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How does Foxit Updater.exe get started?

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  • Feedback How does Foxit Updater.exe get started?

    When I booted my PC this morning, I was surprised to see Foxit Updater pop up in the system tray. I do have Foxit Read installed, but I need to know how the updater launched itself.

    It is not in my "Startup" folder. There is no entry for it in any of the "Run" registry keys, nor any legacy Windows ".ini" files. Nor is there a foxit updater Windows service that I could find. There were no tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler. HijackThis does not find it.

    So.... How did "Foxit Updater.exe" get copied to my Windows %TEMP% folder and get executed on its own?

    I've uninstalled Foxit Reader until I can be sure Foxit isn't doing something sneaky to my system.


    PS: what color IS the foxit logo? Looks "WHITE" to me, but the forum registration rejected that answer.
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