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Can 2 people work at same time on 1 pdf?

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  • Can 2 people work at same time on 1 pdf?

    hi, my friend and i, are working on a pdf (making typewriter annotations).... i work, save and send to him, then he works save and send back to me.... the problem is that sometimes we have time to work at same time....
    There is any way we can work toghether at same time in same pdf?

    thanx in advance

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    Hi wallyhenderson,
    Shared Review allows multiple users to add and view comments on a single document in real time. PhantomPDF Business can initiate shared reviews; Phantom (both), Reader, and MobilePDF Business can participate.

    To begin a shared review, click on Share > Send for Shared Review > Collect comments on an internal server.

    The first time you participate in a shared review, you will need to enter your identity information. This will be displayed next to your comments. It can be changed in Preferences > Identity.

    Next, enter the deadline for the review (which will be displayed to all participants), the shared review participants (in the To field), and the subject and message of the invitation email. Then, click Send; your default email program will be opened to send the invitation message.

    When participating in a shared review, comments you make will automatically be shared to all review participants. You can click on Publish Comments to share your comments immediately, or Check for New Comments to download any new comments. Normally, these are done automatically; you can select Work Offline, in the dropdown menu, to temporarily disconnect from the server and disable these checks.
    Comments from all users will be displayed in the document as well as the Comments pane, where the user’s identity information and the comment timestamp will also be displayed.


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      my question is if me and my friend can place typewriter notes on same pdf at same time, i mean, we have to write annotation on 1000 pages pdf and want to work on it at same time.

      I dont want to split pdf, if foxit cant do this do you know another application i can do that?