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  • Save toolbar preferences for browser plugins

    I'm wondering if there's a way to save my toolbar preferences for the browser plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer. I can edit the tools/toolbars that are visible by right-clicking and choosing "Customize Toolbar," but each time I open a pdf using the Foxit plugin, I have to re-do those settings. Is there any way to save these?

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    The toolbar settings in Foxit Reader syncs with the toolbar in your browser. Please change the toolbar mode of Foxit Reader to Classic Toolbar Mode, then customize the toolbar setting and see if it helps. Thank you.


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      That did it, thanks!

      One small addendum: for me, the toolbar settings in the browser plugin didn't quite "sync" with the settings in the desktop version, but once I switched to the classic toolbar mode on the desktop, I could manually set up the browser toolbar the way I wanted it, and then it stayed that way even after I'd switched back to the ribbon mode on the desktop.

      But in the end, problem solved, thanks again.


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        Hi MarkPhil,

        Thanks for the sharing.