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    I'm using Reader in W7HPx64 SP1, and this seems to have given me PDF Printer {Driver} I need to make 2 or 3 PDFs each year which should (must) not be changeable. By anybody. Printing on paper is OK, but no file changes. In the distant past, I'd set the permissions in Adobe Acrobat, then light the blue touch-paper...

    So how can I do this from Foxit Reader>Printer? FWIW, I do have PDF Creator 201 (2010) still in my Basement folder, but I guess that may be a bit antiquated, and anyway I was still using Acrobat for secured PDF creation back then--on W2K

    The documents will be residing on removeable media, usually on a smart-card, but could be on sticks. Both of those mean I cannot use the standard Windows permissions to control unauthorised meddling. For various reasons I do not want to faff around with TrueCrypt, Cipher or certificates. If Acrobat could give me the secure settings (okay, okay, yes it was messy...) then surely there must be a way with Foxit Reader?


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    Hello? Is there a way to set individual permissions in a generated PDF?



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      Hi Gordon,

      Foxit Reader is unable to set permissions to PDF file, while Foxit PhantomPDF can do that, i'd like to advise you to download it from our website at for 30 days free trial.