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Why is there a UAC prompt (Win7) with the latest version ?

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    Originally posted by richell_huang View Post
    It is caused by the PlgDynLoader.fpi file and our Dev team has compiled a new PlgDynLoader.fpi file for current workaround, please download it from below link and copy it to C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\plugins to replace the old one.

    I can't download because an authentication dialog pops up asking me for a username and password. Please let me know where else I can find this file. Having to click on the UAC every time I load a PDF is annoying. And the solution I saw elsewhere to to disable 'run as administrator' in the properties of the exe doesn't work for me because there's no 'Compatibility' tab on my computer.


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      I just installed the latest version (I had 8.0 I think, and I think I just installed 8.0.2), and it seems to have solved the problem.