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MSI Deployment Switches don't work.

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  • MSI Deployment Switches don't work.

    Hey Guys, I have a Microsoft Surface running Windows 8.1 and im trying to silently deploy the enterprise .msi using the following command -

    msiexec /i "EnterpriseFoxitReader706.1126_enu.msi" /qu

    Basically it will install OK, but it will not disable automatic updates nor will it make it the default pdf program. In the documentation it states AUTO_UPDATE="0" will disable automatic updates and MAKEDEFAULT "1" will make foxit the default application for opening PDF Files. What am I doing wrong?

    Eventually I will enter the above command into an application to install through SCCM 2012.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The command line only works for single pc installation, if you want to deploy it for all your users, you can deploy Foxit Reader via GPO deployment on the Server.
    Below is the download link for GPO template.

    But make default option will not work for Win 8.1, it is not our bug, but Microsft makes it in this way.After installing Foxit Reader and launch it, Windows will ask you ‘how do you want to open this type of file (pdf)? Choose Foxit Rreader. Foxit Reader will be set as default.