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Print problem with 7.06.1126

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  • Print problem with 7.06.1126

    I found this strange behaviour with printing. "Print as Grayscale" checkbox doesn't seem to work. The preview shows the correct output, but the real printing is always colored, whatever the checkbox is.
    Can anyone replay that in order to confirm the bug?

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    Hi m.m,

    Which printer did you use to print the PDF document? Could you please check the Properties of your Printer and see what the color setting is? Thank you.


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      Hi cherry, thank you for your reply.
      I use an old HP inkjet, a 3320. Cause there's no Win7 driver for this printer, I use a compatible driver [3600 series (LIDIL)]. The problem's origin could be there. However, I've made a couple of tests.
      1. if I choose the "Greyscale printing" inside the printer settings menu, it works fine.
      2. if I choose "Print as Grayscale" inside Foxit Reader printing menu, it doesn't work, though the preview is correct.
      I need a last test, reinstall Foxit Reader v.6. I was used to print as grayscale with v.6 with no problem, but I don't remember if I already upgraded to Win7 or it was still XP (with the original dedicated driver).