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Clicking right edge of vertical scroll when full screened changes tab

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  • murrayg
    Ah ok, found it now - the status bar was set to not show for some reason. Thanks for help.

    Suggestion - its not surprising I couldn't find the setting to turn status bar back on - why have it under right clicking toolbar? It could under several of the difference headings already in the main menu: Edit; View Setting; Toolbar Mode; Preferences.... instead its somewhere you'll never find unless you know its there. Very confusing!

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  • richell_huang
    he reason why it always hides toobar is that you are in full screen/read mode, if you want to see the toobar, please change it to None.
    Please open your Reader->go to 'Tools'->'Preferences'->'Documents'-> to check what is your current setting mode for displaying PDF file. If it is set 'Full Screen Mode', please set it back to 'None'.
    After that, please right click toolbar->status bar->check "show status bar".

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  • Clicking right edge of vertical scroll when full screened changes tab

    As the title says, if I have a pdf full screened and try and use the vertical scroll, clicing the extreme right of the screen (which is easy to do) causes the reader to jump to the next opened pdf. Very annoying.

    Question whilst I am here - where has the bottom bar gone after the last update? I am used to the view controls being bottom right, now it seems I have to have them on the tab at the top.