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Repeated password when opening PDF from SharePoint in Network Places

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  • Bug Repeated password when opening PDF from SharePoint in Network Places

    One of my users has an externally hosted SharePoint site connected through Network Places in Windows 7. If they open a Word or Excel document on the site they are prompted for a password and then the file opens. With PDFs when they double click the file Foxit opens prompts for a password and they enter it, then the password prompt appears again with their username behind the network domain (ie. if their SharePoint site login is fbloggs then it prompts for DOMAIN\fbloggs). I can negate this by selecting Another User and entering .\username but the password entered doesn't work and the prompt reappears. I cannot open the PDF.

    I've tested to see whether this is a PDF specific issue by installing Adobe Reader and this prompts for the user and password, the password is entered and the PDF opens so the issue appears to be specific to Foxit.

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    For better understanding, my team need your help to provide us below info:
    1. Which version of Foxit Reader do you use, 7.0.6?
    2. Which version of SharePoint do you use, 2013?
    3. The link of SP document library,
    4. The link of online SP pdf document and include the password as well.
    5. If possible, please send us one test environment link so we can have further analysis

    Please send above info to [email protected] with subject ATTEN:Richell, thank you.


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      Sorry for the delay sending, I stupidly put instead of Should try reading the post!


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        I have received it.