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  • Bug unjustified cpu load

    The task manager (process explorer) informed me, that the foxit reader continuously eats cpu cycles, even when it is not been interacted with. Between 3 and 6% cpu load at having loaded just one single pdf. With ten pdfs loaded, the load is in the range of 13-17%. Again even with the app minimized on the taskbar.
    My question thus : by what is this cpu load justified ? I actually expect a cpu load of zero unless I flip pages or so.

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    May we get the following details to know the CPU related better? We'll forward your comments to Testing team and send you the feedback.
    1) Version info of your current Reader; (You can check it by going to 'Help'->'About Foxit Reader...')
    2) Your Computer Info:

    Please run it>click GetInfo>choose Save> send the saved TXT file to us.


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      Thanks a lot for having a look at.
      I sent the data by private message. There was no provision to attach a file and the file size was limited to 5k characters, thus I had to cut the info into several pieces.


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        Thank you, 'anotheruser'. I should have noticed the data delivery problem. Could you please send the info I requested to [email protected] again? This should keep the complete info for processing. Thank you again in advance.


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          I noted this thread about process loading and I find that when I close down foxit reader the process list does not clear and I have to end the processes manually. I found this because some files were locked by foxit and I could not work on them in moving or deleting in windows explorer until I closed the processes. I am on Win 7 professional and using latest update (downloaded 2 days ago). This could be related to this same thread.


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            Hi micass,

            Could you please let us know your detailed steps to replicate the issue so we could test it on our side and further proceed? Thank you.


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              Hi Cherry, I had to think a while to remember what it was I was doing at the time and I have managed to recreate the problem.

              I was using Powerpoint to insert pdf files into my slideshow using Powerpoint 2007. Each slide inserted with a pdf created a separate process of Foxit Reader and when I close down Powerpoint the processes still exist. I have inserted here a snapshot of task manager so you can see what I have found. The processes do not end with Powerpoint so I have to manually end these processes. As stated before these processes lock any other action with these pdf files.

              Hope this is enough info for you to clear this bug.



              Click image for larger version

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