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Foxit Reader freezes

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  • Foxit Reader freezes

    I have the last version of free Foxit Reader with W8.1
    Since this version the application freezes as soon as we make a command on an open file.
    Only solution: CTRL+ALT+SUPPR...

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    Hi Lulu697,

    Please open "Control Panel"->"Programs and Features" to check if you have Foxit Cloud Reading listed there. If you do, please uninstall it and see if it helps.
    If it doesn't help, please right-click on Foxit Reader, choose "Run as administrator" and see if it works fine. If the issue persists, please let us know how to replicate the issue and if the issue occurs to any PDF document. Thank you.


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      I had the same problem - tried disabling Foxit Cloud in preferences before finding this thread and that did not work, removing it thru the Control Panel method mentioned above did fix the issue. I do not currently require Foxit Cloud, but would prefer not to have to have it disabled. I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit if that helps.


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        Dear lmcbain,

        Please run Foxit Reader, go to Help>About Foxit Reader to check the version you use. We will do many improvements for Foxit cloud in Foxit Reader 7.2, if it is not the latest version 7.2 on you side, please upgrade to the version to see if it helps.


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          I have the same problem here.
          I am using the latest version, Foxit 7.2.
          When I open the Foxit got about 5 seconds until the program stops responding, I clicked for search updates, the program stops but the updates window is working well. When it began to download it stop for a moment until I realized that the main Foxit window that was "not responding" was blocking the download of the update. Main window Foxit closed by task manager and downloading continued and successfully installed.
          However Foxit keeps crashing after 5 seconds open, even it's opening a document or just the program itself.
          I'm running Windows 7 PRO 64bits SP1.
          Hope you solve the problem soon, until that I'm using other program to open PDF documents.


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            Dear Farrusco,

            Regarding this situation,please help to do as follows step by step to check which is the cause of this issue:
            1:Navigate to your Foxit Reader main installation folder,somewhere like:
            "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader"
            "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader"
            2:Please open the "plugins"folder there,please rename"DocoShare.fpi"file in this folder to see if helps?
            3:If the first two steps doesn't make any difference,please rename"FoxitCloudLogin.fpi"this file in the "plugins"folder to see it will make any difference?
            4:If the step3 also makes no difference,please uninstall "Foxit Cloud"from control panel to see this will make the issue vanish?


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              With this message,I'd like to give you a quick update about the high CPU usage problem .It has been fixed in our latest version of Foxit Reader
              Would you please give this most current version a try at your convenience.You may download the latest version from our official download center below:
              Foxit PDF software download and cloud service trial center. Free download PDF software for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android to view, convert & edit PDF files.

              We need to know the CPU usage situation on your part when Foxit Reader still has its Foxit Cloud component installed. So please Don't uninstall Foxit Cloud and rename plugins "DocoShare.fpi"&"FoxitCloudLogin.fpi"after you having installed Foxit Reader.


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                I have been trying to use Fox-it, but when I am typing on it, it randomly freezes and the text on the document turns black and it kicks me off, without saving the document. It happens after about 10 minutes. I am trying to fill out an application and I cannot get through he first page because it keeps kicking me off. Can anyone suggest anything for me to do.


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                  For this situation you met,please firstly go to "HELP"menu in Foxit Reader>"About Foxit Reader"to check its version information.
                  If it not the most current version,please install the latest version by downloading it below:

                  If the problem still persists in the newest version,please help to send us the following information for further analysis:
                  1:Your OS information(eg:mine is windows7x32bit).
                  2:What operations you have done generally before Foxit Reader become no response.
                  3:Please send us one PDF file sample in which the issue occurred.