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Fading effect when exiting Foxit Reader

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  • Ede_123
    Sorry about the "fading", it seems that I got fooled by Foxit Reader here. After some time testing version I realised, that not the fading effect itself is taking longer than usual but shut-down itself.

    You're writing "When click the X button on the top right corner, it will quit immediately"... actually it will not. After clicking the X it takes Foxit Reader some time to close the opened document (most noticeable with a complex document) before it will actually start fading. This lag was what confused me in the first place.

    I don't know if there's much you can do about it. Seems it's basically a performance problem on shut-down.
    Although I have to admit it's not a large lag before shutting down it is noticeable. Especially since I switched from version at the day of my initial post, it was virtually a side-by-side comparison of Foxit Reader 4.x and 5.x and therefore appeared like a huge slowdown to me.

    If you could do anything about it it would be highly welcome!
    Basically I'm always kind of unsatisfied if a new version of an application is slower than it's predecessor.

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  • richell_huang
    When click the X button on the top right corner, it will quit immediately,what do you mean by"annoying fade-out effect when exiting Foxit Reader? "
    Would you mind describing it detailed so we could help you faster, thank you.
    BTW, which version of Foxit Reader do you use?

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  • Ede_123
    started a topic Bug Fading effect when exiting Foxit Reader

    Fading effect when exiting Foxit Reader

    Hi all,

    is there a way to disable the annoying fade-out effext when exiting Foxit Reader? It takes far too much time, artificially slows down the exit and therefore disturbs workflow.

    I know that Windows 7 shows such an effect by default for every application, but Foxit Reader seems to extend the time taken to fade out on purpose beacause it "looks cool".