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Text of pdf doesn't print

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  • Text of pdf doesn't print

    Sometimes pdf's print just fine, but sometimes not.

    When I use Foxit Reader to print a pdf map using HP Laserjet 3200 PCL 6, I get the lines but none of the text.

    If I switch to PCL 5 it prints properly, text and all. But, PCL 5 ONLY gives one print, it won't print 2, 3, 4, or more.

    Ideas? Why does 6 not always print?

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    Hi RichU,

    Please send us following info:
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader;
    2) Please go under "File"->"Print"->"Advanced"->make a screenshot of your settings there;
    3) How did you switch from PCL 6 to PCL 5?
    4) Please provide a PDF sample for testing purpose;
    5) A screenshot/picture that shows the problematic printout.

    Thank you in advance. If it is inconvenient to upload the info here directly, you may email the info to [email protected].