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  • Reader 7.0 printing

    In FoxIt Reader 5.0, when I print, it prints on the "normal" side (what I mean by this is that, for a given printer, it prints on a specific side of the paper). On FoxIt 7.0, it prints on the opposite side. Is this by design? I am printing on a pre-printed letter head, so it makes a difference. I also noticed that when I use command line option /t, it prints on the "normal" side. When I print from a browser (tried both IE and Chrome), printing is on the "normal" side. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi biz,

    Please provide the following info:
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader; (You may check it by going under "Help"->"About Foxit Reader")
    2) A screenshot of your print dialog. Please go under "File"->"Print" to make a screenshot of the dialog;
    3) Your Printer info;

    Please Run it>click Select Printer>choose the printer which has this problem>copy all the info listed there to us.
    4) Your OS type.

    Please run it>click GetInfo>choose Save> send the saved TXT file
    5) The PDF in question for testing purpose. And if possible, take a picture of the problematic print result so we could know the issue intuitively.

    If it is inconvenient to upload all the info here, you may email it to [email protected]. Thank you.


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      Hi cherry,

      Thanks for responding. Here is (some of the) information you requested:

      1. Version: 7.06.1126
      2. Print dialog (see attachment, the one in the photo section is showing up too small)
      3. Printer Info:

      Operating System:
      * OS : Windows 8.1 Pro
      * Ver: 6.3(9600)
      * IE : 9.11.9600.17631
      Printer that you select is " Brother MFC-9840CDW Printer ".

      More printer's information:

      * DriverVersion:
      -> 269

      * DriverPath:
      -> C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\BROCHA6A.D LL
      -> FileVersion: [ 1.13 ]

      * DataFile:
      -> C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\BM9840CD.P DD

      * ConfigFile:
      -> C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\BRUCHA6A.D LL
      -> FileVersion: [ 1.14 ]

      4. OS Type: Windows 8.1 Pro. I am on a corporate PC and due to privacy reasons, I cannot post the output of GetComputerInfo on a public forum.

      5. PDF: Again, due to privacy reasons, I cannot post the PDF. But the behavior is the same with all PDFs.

      In essence, if I print manually from the reader, it prints on the opposite side. If I print using the /t option, it prints on the correct side. By "correct side" I mean the side where other apps (including browsers) are printing.

      PS: Currently, I am NOT able to reproduce this issue. Not sure if a reboot resolved it. I am keeping this post as it may be useful to someone else. I will let you know if this issue surfaces.


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        Thanks biz.