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    I am using Foxit Reader and want to know if I can change the font, the font size, and font color of text typed into Form Fields. Specifically, I am using a PDF from the U.S. IRS (their website directly) for Form 4506-T. I see no options in this case, by default to edit/change the font. Is it possible or is this a security level of the PDF itself? Did the IRS itself decide for me to use a specific font, size, color? The properties show that there is no protection on the document - all options are "allowed."

    Nevermind, it's apparent that Adobe LiveCycle Designer is the only method to allow editing. I have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro and it won't let me do it either. In addition, Adobe doesn't allow inserting images into a text or editing the document in any way. Foxit Editor at least allows me to do some of these things, but is too outdated to be compatible with forms properly and so on.

    Also, Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat do not play well together from an interchangeability point-of-view. Altering a document in any way, such as inserting text into a form field make it unusable in Adobe and vice-versa. There are serious issues and from a "seriousness" standpoint, using Adobe is the only safe way to go when doing true business or legal stuff like IRS documents. I have not used Adobe in 10 years ... and now I'm forced to because Foxit really isn't fully compatible as far as I can tell.

    Can anyone tell me I'm wrong?
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    Hi TraumaDoc,

    I think the font size is preset by the creator of the form. So I don't recommend to change it. If you still need to change the font size, you may open the form with Foxit PhantomPDF program, go under "Form"->"Edit Static XFA Form" then right-click on the text field to open "Properties" then change the font size.


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      I tried it, but this option was greyed out ... so, I used another program/maker PDF password remover from the document (because my old version of foxit editor said it was copyright protected), and then the option Edit Static XFA Form was available, I used it, but then right clicking on a field, there was no properties choice, and all the text editing options in the EDIT tab were greyed out.


      Actually, I "solved" it . . .after doing Edit Static XFA Form, I then had to FORM --- TEXT FIELD --- DESIGN ASSISTANT. Then, I could see the properties of the field and change the font. Additionally, I had to remove the Limit on the number of characters for the field, then I could type what I needed. In my opinion, reducing the font size by 1 or 2 is more preferable than handwriting ... but maybe not as "proper" as having to add additional pieces of paper to add the missing information from the field.

      Anyway, it seems the problem is resolved for now, using Foxit Phantom. Thanks for now!!
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