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Size / height of Textbox changes automatically

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  • Bug Size / height of Textbox changes automatically

    Foxit Reader 5.3.1
    I'm using the Comments - Drawing tools and adding textboxes to my document. Everytime I touch a textbox, it takes a separate operation to resize it. Specifically, I believe it's the height that's incorrect (always too tall).

    What I'm doing:
    1) Select text box tool, drag an area on the pdf (I expect for the textbox to be sized to match the area I drag: height & width)
    2) Edit a textbox (change text) by double clicking on a text box.

    What actually happens:
    1) Textbox is created, however the size (specifically the height) is not what I expected/desired. It's always much taller.
    2) Textbox is RESIZED! to be taller. This is regardless of the changes made to the text. Everytime I edit a textbox, I have to do a separate operation to resize it again because it changes to an obnoxiously tall size. This should not be necessary.

    What should happen:
    1) Textboxes should respect the selected area when created, both height and width (width appears to be OK). For the case where a single point is clicked, apply sensible defaults.
    2) Do not modify textbox size when editing. You may extend the height of the textbox when additional text is entered causing word wrap to require more height, but NEVER just because a user double clicks the box. A typical example might be correcting a typo... this requires editing but requires no additional vertical space.

    Maybe height and width are confused somewhere, because it appears that the textbox always "wants" to be a square?
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    Error insert a text box, ... Excessive space between lines

    I'm having the same problem ... when using the "typewriter", the text box creates a huge space between one line and another, making it impossible to edit the PDF.


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      Hi mechgt and Fabio Bormann,

      I've forwarded the mentioned "Size / height of Textbox changes automatically" to Reader QA team and Dev team for further investigation. Report ID#: 37676. Thank you.


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        Is there any answer on how to solve this?


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          Hi Nana,

          I've sent a reminder to check the processing status of this issue and will keep you posted. Thank you.