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Foxit error Splwow64.exe not responding

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  • Bug Foxit error Splwow64.exe not responding

    I'm trying to print a file from A3 a HP printer, but the error:
    Print 32bit host aplications in Splwow64.exe file

    What may be happening, this appears when I click to print on A3 of this error.

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    We need to check below info with you.
    1.Does it happen every time when you try to print any PDF file with Foxit Reader?
    2. Which version of Foxit Reader are you using now?
    3. How did you print it? Via File->print?
    4. Please make a screenshot of the error message indicated.
    5.What is the model of your HP printer?
    6. Is your pc Win 7 32-bit?


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      1. Do it with all pdf I try to change the print setting.
      2. I am using the utlima version.
      3. Normal Mode File -> print
      5. It is a HP 8600
      6. My windows is 64bit and 32bit already installed the driver too.

      What is the solution?


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        Hi mrolivier,

        Foxit Reader 7.1 is available now. May I encourage you to uninstall your existing version then download a new setup of Reader 7.1 from Foxit website to install:

        Please let us know if you still have this problem with version 7.1. Thank you.