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  • Feature Popup preview of PDF links

    I have been reading a lot of scientific papers lately, and I would like to be able to see a small popup with the linked content when I hover over a PDF link. Usually, when there is a link to an equation of a theorem I don't want to go there, I just want a short reminder and continue reading. I believe that many people who read scientific papers would benefit.

    It is something similar to Visual Studio's Peek Definition feature (
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    Hi alexshtf,

    Thanks for your email. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to PM team for processing so we could consider to add "reveal URLs when hovering over links in PDF " feature in future versions. Suggestion ID#: READER-366.


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      Hi cherry. Thank you for your reply, but I believe there is a misunderstanding.

      I do not suggest to reveal the URL, but the content of links to things inside the document itself. For example, when there is a link pointing to an equation I want to see the equation itself. I am certainly not interested in seeing on which page/paragraph in the document the equation is.

      Something similar to Visual Studio's peek definition feature or the way that Javadoc help in Eclipse is displayed. I am sure that the developers of Foxit know exactly what I mean.
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