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Freeze Foxit reader after around 5 second at start

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  • crash Freeze Foxit reader after around 5 second at start

    Recently foxit reader goes to freeze after 5 seconds, it do not depend of file which opened or not. Noticed this freeze goes when caption Employee Directory App is appear.

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      Hi gamebox,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Please help to provide us with the following information for further investigation:
      1. Your system information, like win7 32-bit.
      2. Please run Foxit Reader, go to Help>About Foxit Reader to check the version you use.
      3. What detailed operation you have done at the moment of crash?
      4. The version of Employee Directory App you use.

      Thank you in advance!


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        1. My system is Windows 7 Max x64
        2. Foxit reader is 7.08.1216
        3. I've reinstalled, firstable it works ok, but next launches is freezes. It not depend of actions, file was opened or just launch program. After about 5 sec program goes to freeze. But now caption is different (create PDF from scanned documents)
        4. I don't know what is it and don't use it.


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          Hi gamebox,
          Please go under "File"->"Preferences"->"Foxit Cloud" to see if "Automatically upload files to Foxit Cloud when they are opened in Foxit Reader" is unchecked.


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            Hello, cherry. It's unchecked.


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              since yesterday I have the same problem. After about
              5 seconds FR freezes. You can't do anything. It doesn't
              matter what you are doing at the time when it freezes.

              - my system is Windows 7 Pro x64
              - FR is
              - I don't use Foxit Cloud. I always uninstall it.

              Thanks for your efforts in advance!


              News!!! 2015-03-18; 17:07 MEZ

              I have finally found, why FR freezes.

              Foxit Cloud hasn't properly been uninstalled
              so that it was already running, although I thought
              it was gone. After uninstalling Foxit Cloud properly
              it seems that FR doesn't freeze anymore.

              So the solution for me was to uninstall Foxit Cloud.

              Note: You have to shut down FR before you uninstall
              Foxit Cloud.

              Yours sincerely
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                Thanks for the update, Blumi.


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                  Thank you, Blumi, its really help.


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                    Hi I'm Using Win 7 x64
                    I cannot even check the program version, it hangs at about 5 secons (edit: V.

                    Here's a report from the windows crash app. Sorry it's in spanish, my OS language.

                    Este programa dejó de interactuar con Windows por un problema.

                    Firma con problemas:
                    Nombre del evento de problema: AppHangB1
                    Nombre de aplicación: FoxitReader.exe
                    Versión de la aplicación:
                    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 550c0706
                    Firma de bloqueo: fc3b
                    Tipo de bloqueo: 514
                    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
                    Id. de configuración regional: 8202
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 1: fc3b1a6645f2b57ff4554ab3a99e2c66
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 2: ef4b
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 3: ef4bb267549d900c4733acedc36649db
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 4: fc3b
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 5: fc3b1a6645f2b57ff4554ab3a99e2c66
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 6: ef4b
                    Firma adicional de bloqueo 7: ef4bb267549d900c4733acedc36649db

                    Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad en línea:

                    Si la declaración de privacidad en línea no está disponible, lea la declaración de privacidad sin conexión:
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                      Hi lordapofis,

                      Could you please try to uninstall your existing Foxit Reader from "Control Panel"->"Programs and Features"? Then download a new setup of Foxit Reader 7.1.3 from Foxit website to install and see if the re-installation helps? The download link:

                      Thank you.