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    I'm using Foxit Reader v It is great!!

    Is there any way to change the behaviour of the cursor when highlighting?

    In Adobe reader, when you place the cursor at the start of a sentence, click & hold the left mouse-button and drag to the right, whole words are highlighted / selected. If you need to only select part of a word, after you have moved the cursor to the right of a word, if you then move it back to the left (without releasing the mouse-button), the word is de-selected one letter at a time. You can then release the mouse button, having selected as you wish.

    I would find this useful, because at the moment I sometimes highlight a number of words, but miss highlighting the last letter or 2 of the final word.

    I know you can highlight each word as a whole by double-clicking, but this is not practical if you wish to highlight a string of words.

    Is this possible in the current version of Foxit Reader? If not, may I suggest it as an inclusion in subsequent releases?

    Thanks, and thank you also for both the Foxit Reader product and your regular supervision of these forums.



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    Hi Adam, Actually, Foxit Reader (including Foxit Reader 7.1) has the same feature, when you select Highlight tool, click at the start of a sentence & hold the left mouse-button and drag to the right, the words selected can be highlighted, if you do not release the mouse-button and move the cursor back to the left, the words are de-selected for highlighting.


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      Hi, I have the same question with Adam and I think the last post didn't answer his question. To put it simple, when doing dragging-selection, how to automatically put the whole word into selection instead of only a part of the word? Thanks!
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        Dear Davidjong,

        Thanks for your post.I have submitted the suggestion"Support to highlight by work rather than by character" to our internal feature system for our product marketing's
        further reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-9164.