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Firefox 14.0.1 and Foxit Plug-in

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  • crash Firefox 14.0.1 and Foxit Plug-in

    I'm having problem with Foxit Reader PDF plug-in and Firefox 14.0.1.

    Whenever I try to view PDF file in Firefox, the plug-in crashes according to Firefox.

    I just recently gotten rid of Nightly 64bit and installed Firefox 14.0.1. Whenever I tried to read PDF files in browser, it kept crashing so I uninstalled Foxit Reader, reboot, then reinstalled the latest version and the plug-in still crashes.

    I've enabled "Display DPF in Browser" and set Foxit Reader as default PDF reader.

    Can someone confirm if the plug-in works with latest Firefox?

    My OS is Windows 7 Pro 64bit with all the latest patches installed.


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    May i advise you to follow my instructions to reinstall it?
    1.Please uninstall your current version manually.
    2.Please reinstall Foxit Reader 5.3.1 and install firefox plugin and check ""display pdf in browser"" by default.
    3.After installing it, please run Foxit Reader to make sure you have selected "display pdf in browser" under tools->preferences->File Association.
    4.Please run firefox, go to tools->options->application, find PDF document, see which action is selected. (Normally it shall be Foxit Reader plugin, but if Adobe is installed, will be Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)). And go to Tools/Addons/Plugins, be sure Foxit Plugin is enabled.


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      I don't have Adobe Reader installed.

      That's what I did first time I posted but I did it again this morning and still does same thing.

      I've uninstalled Foxit Reader, downloaded and installed latest version, and made sure Firefox has Foxit Reader plugin enabled and selected for PDF....

      the plugin still crashes whenever the plugin tries to read PDF in browser.


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        so it's been awhile since the last post...

        there have been couple of changes...

        there is now new Firefox 15.0 and now Foxit Reader

        I forgot to write down the version # for the plugin but I don't think THAT was updated with the latest version of Foxit Reader...

        the plugin STILL crashes when trying to read PDF inside Firefox...

        yes I've done clean uninstall of BOTH Firefox and Foxit and it didn't solve the crash...

        anyway to escalate to actual support help instead of forum posts?


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          Please help to check the following items:
          1.Please make sure you have selected "Display PDF in Brower".
          2.Please make sure your firefox plugin version is open firefox browser ,go to"Tools"->please enable foxit reader plugin for mozilla
          3.Please run firefox, go to tools->options->application, find PDF document, see which action is selected and make a screenshot of it.

          If it still not works, would you mind providing us the following info for reference?
          1.Which account do you use to login your pc?
          2.Please make a video of the whole operation that you try to open any online pdf file within firefox.


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            No. Font size was probably the wrong term. I want to adjust the size of the cursor and caret in Edit and Comment tools to match the font size of text content in PDF files. The cursor is 15 lines high, with highlights extending 7 lines above and 7 lines below selected text content. The caret for text boxes is commensurately huge.

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